A Sure Win on Slots

Slot machines (or slots) are found in many parts of the world.

However, nowhere are they so numerous as in Nevada.

In Nevada, every Casino, plush or not, has a large variety of Slot machines. Such machines can be also found in airports, bus terminals, etc.

This way departing tourists are given every opportunity to try their luck until the last moment.

Most Slot machines have three, four, or more vertical reels (wheels) on which various symbols are marked. A place to insert your coins is provided and there is a relatively large handle on the right side of the machine.

Whether or not you win depends on the outcome, that is on the symbols which appear on the center line. The center line is either indicated by an arrow or is drawn on a windshield covering part of the reels.

The payoff, in case of a win, also depends on these symbols. Winning combinations and their payoffs are posted on the machines.

Some outcomes, consisting usually of the same symbol on each one of the reels, are called Jackpots. The Jackpots give the player the largest wins.

Additional premiums are sometimes given to the players who hit a Jackpot. Some Slot machines have only one Jackpot, others several.

For instance, in the case of certain three reelers, the Jackpot consists of three bars. For one nickel, such an outcome might pay seven dollars and fifty cents.

Some Slot machines offer much higher payoffs, for example $5,000 or even more, for a dollar. Of course, the occurrence of such Jackpots is extremely improbable.

When you hit a Jackpot, bells might start ringing and/or lights might start flashing and everybody is happy. Small wins will be paid automatically by the machine, but Jackpots are not necessarily paid in this way.

Most machines pay only part of the win corresponding to a Jackpot. The rest is paid by an attendant. The attendant has to verify that the player has hit a Jackpot.

If the machine is played again before this is done, the Jackpot will not be paid. Surprising as it may seem, many players do not realize that they hit a Jackpot, or do not notice that the machine did not pay fully the win.

If we knew how many symbols of each kind were marked on each reel and if we knew that the reels were not built (or set) in such a way that they stop more often i certain positions than in others, then it would be easy to compute the House take.

Of course, we could determine a Slot machine take by gathering lengthy data. But there are so many types of such machines.

In any case, based on the information we have we estimate, the take of most Slot machines to be somewhere between two point five and 25 percent.


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