An Introduction to Video Slots

There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about how the video slots operate. The truth is this game is often misunderstood. This article aims to separate the myths and bring out the facts. The calculations stated below are mere examples only and are not related to any particular machine or brand. They are mentioned to show how to calculate the odds.

One should always remember that the slot machines even the video slots are games based on pure chance. Nobody has the capability to change the result to his advantage. These games are handled by programs of the computer which assures that in time the house will constantly win but in the short length of time the players can either become winners or losers.

There is a lot of information that have been mistakenly given out that this article will clarify. The information was gathered from a big company who manufactures slots. This aims to give each reader a better comprehension of video slots.

When a player presses the spin button on the machine, it will quickly show the entire reels that are spinning this means that the results have been made already. The random number generator decides the stopping position and the results for all of the reels. Each result is independent from each other. When the reels comes to a halt from the spin, the player will automatically know the result if his game is a win or loss.

A Video slot machine contains twenty up to a hundred symbols for each of the reels. The high paying symbols are usually less generated by the generator than the low paying symbols.

Most of the video slots let the players play more than a single line for each play. The sufficient mathematical tests conducted let the manufacturers of the slots see just how the placement of the reels gain control over the pay out of the said game.

Each spin made on each slot has no relation on the last spin. The odds of the player winning are still pretty much the same for each of the spin made. It is indeed possible but will not be likely that the player can hit the jackpot in two consecutive spins in one row. It doesn't matter if he is playing the machine that has already given a pay out or a machine which has not. They position of the symbols are constant and despite the multiple systems being sold everywhere there is still no chance that the results can be predicted.

Three Reel versus the Five Reel Slots

The Five reel and three reel slots are really different in many aspects. The obvious difference is in the spinning reel and the reel numbers against the format of the video screen. Another difference is in the number of the lines they contain and the weighting of the reels. Video slots never require the use of symbol weightings because the odds can be gauged through the number of symbols. The slots with three reels contain a limited amount of symbols for each reel so they are already weighted.

It is commonly believed that using the three reel slots can give a player better chances of winning than the video slots. This can be a fact if not for the reels which are weighted so what is important is that a player is enjoying the game.


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