The Slot Machines Then and Now

The slot machines are one common sight of casino games that all casinos never miss to offer in their establishment. This is because the slot machine game comprises of about 70 percent of the casino's total business profit.

Most casino gamblers choose to play slots because of the benefit of playing a casino game without the hassle of transacting with any dealer or any skill requirement in order to get a satisfying experience of playing slots.

The slot machine is coin operated that traditionally consists of three reels and a lever. The reels spin once the lever is pulled. The lever is always located at the side of the slot machine. A coin or coins are needed to be inserted into the slots to begin playing. The slot machine has a built in currency detector where the inserted coins undergo a currency validation.

After the slot player make a bet on their chosen combination the lever is pulled and the reels begin to spin. The winning combination is shown after the reels stop spinning. The slot machine pays off which typically depends on the winning patterns won by the slot players.

The modern age has brought a more advance concept of the slot machine. From its traditional features, there were some modifications made intended to make the slot machine more highly sophisticated. The commonly visible lever seen at the side of the machine is changed into a computer generated button that automatically initiates the spinning of the reels when pressed or with a touch screen feature.

The modern slot machines also offer more than 3 reels with more lines to bet on. There is also an increase on the minimum number of coins that one can bet per spin with an increase of the pay outs too. The designs and symbols on the reels also come in varieties such as fruit, bells, hearts, diamonds and many other awesome designs. Some slot machines are even presented with an erupting volcano that throws out the winning symbols that shakes the machine when the volcano does erupt.

Even the coins used are replaced by a paper ticket with a printed bar code in the newest version of slot machines. More bonuses are programmed in the slot machines nowadays which are valuable to a slot player's bankroll such as bonuses that double or triple the player's winnings or sometimes more free spins to increase the chance of a slot player to win.

The slot machines have undergone changes from its simple to more sophisticated versions that are truly entertaining to its players. From the simple way to play the slot machine to its wonderful features, no wonder many casino players are hooked in playing the slot machine game.


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