Wage a Cent, Win a Jackpot: Cheap Slot Machines

Looking for a way to bet on a slot game without having to gamble a sizeable bankroll? Do you seek the thrill of gambling at slot machines but your bankroll cannot afford dollar-per-line slots?

Now anyone can play slots at very low amount. Today, casinos have cheap slot machines for anyone who wants to make small bets and can only afford small bets.

And how cheap are cheap slot machines?

As cheap as the lowest coin value: a penny or just S0.01!

Penny slot machines are the cheapest there is. These cheap slot machines take as little as a cent per line. Of course, adding more cents to a line is an option. Yet imagine winning, say, $10 with just a cent!

There are also multi-line and progressive penny slot machines. In a 9-line progressive slots, you'll be spending only a total of 9cents and you're already eligible for a progressive jackpot. Imagine playing in a dollar-per-line progressives--- you'll be spending $9 in a single spin. In penny slots, with your $9, you can have 100 spins!--- and this is the great advantage of cheap slot machines: you get to spin more, you get to play longer.

If you prefer playing online, there are also cheap slot machines of the same value. However, there's a downside to cheap slot machines--- the payoffs are a lot smaller than what machines of higher value pay.

If you want slightly higher payoffs, then try nickel slot machines. These cheap slot machines cost only $0.05 per line. A 9-payline slot machine would only cost you 45 cents a spin--- that's less than a dollar.

Another cheap slot machines are dime slot machines. Dime slot machines cost only 10 cents per payline.

The payoffs of the above slot machines may be modest compared to $5 or $20 slots or even just a $1 slots. But you have to regret much if you lose, say, $50 in just 5 spins, or shall we say within 5 minutes.

Cheap slot machines have been built particularly for middle-class and low-class players. But even those who have hefty bankrolls can enjoy the low-risk fun that cheap slot machines offer.

Low-denomination slot machines will also do good for new slot players who are just learning to play the game. And anyone who doesn't want to walk away from a casino with their bankroll dry in a very small fraction of an hour, then try the cheap slot machines.

Now anyone can play slots whether they have small or big bankrolls. With cheap slot machines, anyone can bet with as little as a penny, nickel, or dime. Risk small, play longer, wage your way to the payoffs with cheap slot machines.


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